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About Us

Texas Bragg Trailers, Inc., founded in 1977, based in the heart of Northeast Texas and corporately headquartered in Mount Pleasant, Texas, was the first to establish high quality standards all others are measured for in the manufacturing of utility trailers. Texas Bragg builds every trailer with the emphasis on quality and design details to specifications. With the skill and workmanship that goes into every trailer, we take pride in the building of each trailer.


Trailer Product Types


Customer Service

We take the time to work with you before, during, and after the sales process. We strive to insure our customers are ALL satisfied. We take the time to listen to our customers with special interest in understanding your trailer specifications, needs, and requirements. In a very short period of time, we will custom build your trailer, and while delivery is not free, it can be arranged. We take pride in our workmanship.


Ready to become a Dealer

At Texas Bragg we take care of our large dealer network. Our dealer network is our lifeline and we make sure you have the tools needed to be successful. We protect each of our dealers with a territory that allows them to get the absolute most out of their marketing and sales.

Whether you are searching for the one special utility trailer you need for yourself or looking to become part of the Texas Bragg family of dealers, you will be pleased with the quality and service provided at Texas Bragg Trailers.

If there is anything we can assist you with, please give us a call.

Texas Bragg Enterprises
1607 CR 3320
Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455
Email: texasbragg@texasbraggtrailers.com

Telephone: 903-572-3674
Fax: 903-577-8725


Processes and quality control standards

Only the best will do at Texas Bragg Trailers where our team works within strict Quality Control Systems and design. We ensure building quality trailers that meet federal requirements and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards covering certification labels, tires & wheels, brake components, lighting, reflectors & conspicuity, and that cargo can be secured.
In addition, these trailers meet industry accepted manufacturing standards and practices covering safety chains, couplers, electrical components, warning labels and consumer information. The procurement of all materials and components is carried out in accordance with stringent guidelines we set to guarantee quality. To meet these guidelines all suppliers must have an approved quality system which guarantees the quality of all materials and components they supply.



The assembly of our trailers is carried out by highly trained craftsmen in our quality controlled environment. Each process offers the most accurate controls while at the same time maintaining a safe and secure workplace for the whole team. Every trailer we build is welded entirely by one welder, and that one welder is responsible for the quality of that trailer.

The assembly is carried out using only approved hand tools and machinery dedicated to each specific task. Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding machines with proven weld quality are used to assemble the trailers. This process culminates when a trailer, with a quality unmatched in the industry, is completed and enters the finished products area where it awaits surface treatment.


Surface treatment and finishing

Once assembled, the trailer is then prepared for surface treatment and finishing. The trailer is first cleaned of all scale and spatter. Any contaminants are removed using an approved agent. Any drilling and sanding is completed and finally the corners and edges are rounded completing the preparation.

The phosphatizing treatment is then applied in our modern spray booth which provides the most up to date and controlled safe working environment for our team. First, an acid wash is applied and the trailer is then finished in quality enamel to the color of your choice.

Once cured, the trailer is ready for the finishing touches. The electrical system is installed, the wiring harness is run beneath the trailer to provide protection. The Department of Transportation approved lighting system is installed which further adds to the visability of the trailer. And last but not least the plug of your choice can be fitted to your trailer.

Finally, the safety reflectors and labels are applied and the trailer’s electrical system is tested and a final quality check is performed. The result is a trailer with a quality and finish of the highest order. A trailer fit for you, just the way you wanted.


Lone Star Trailer Parts

Texas Bragg Trailers sister company, Lone Star Trailer Parts offers a complete line of utility trailer parts. Lone Star Trailer Parts can be reached at (903) 572-0288.

Below is a list of some of the most sought after spare parts for trailers:

  1. Axles
  2. "U" Bolts
  3. Hubs
  4. Suspension
  5. Brakes
  6. Jacks
  7. Couplers
  8. Cargo Control
  9. Tires and Wheels
  10. Electrical
  11. Lights
  12. Springs
  13. Bearings
  14. Shackle Straps





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